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A Thousand Times No!

It's that time again. Every four years when the summer Olympic Games roll around, you start to hear voices in the golf community agitating to make golf an official Olympic event. Here's a piece by Ron Sirak making the case for the cause. The folks over at the Golf Blog are on board as well.

Count Blogger Vance among the opposition to the idea of making golf an Olympic event. The last thing the Olympic Games need is another event where overpaid professionals go through the motions and in the process take the spotlight away from the sports for which participation in the Olympic Games truly represents the pinnacle of success.

Sirak suggests that making golf an Olympic event could have an effect on the growth of the game similar to the effect that Mary Lou Retton's gold medal in gymnastics in 1984 had on the growth of gymnastics in the United States. But let us not forget that long before Mary Lou Retton came along, the Olympic Games were the ultimate stage for gymnastics. Mary Lou Retton didn't make Olympic gymnastics a star. Olympic gymnastics made Mary Lou Retton a star.

The Olympic Games will never be the ultimate stage for golf. At best, they'll be a glorified WGC event. Making golf an Olympic Event will only further dilute the Olympic Games, which have been diluted enough already.